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The Leadership Journey

Transforming From HR to CEO

Program Summary

Most CEOs come from a product, technical or sales background. According to statistics, the successor of the CEO is usually the Chief Operating Officer (COO) orthe Chief Financial Officer (CFO). HR Professionals are rarely groomed for business leadership.

However, HR managers are significant figures in any organization. They are even perceived as the glue that holds the organization together. So the question is, “WHY ARE THEY OFTEN OVERLOOKED IN THE CEO SELECTION PROCESS”

The only way to eradicate this stereotype is by mastering the competencies needed in becoming a successful CEO and this course is tailored to help you achieve that. Change the trajectory of your career, by signing up with our team for this course! 

Learning Objectives

At the end ofthis training, participants should be able to;
Identify the reasons why HR leaders are not the first choice during the selection process of becoming CEO
State the seven (7) characteristics of a strategic decision maker
List the traits of an Innovative Professional
Pin-point their current HR skills and know how to leverage on it become an effective CEO
Design the framework of the necessary competencies required to BE THE BOSS