Welcome to The Women in HR Initiative
(Mon - Friday)
Ogudu GRA, Lagos.

WiHR Vision and Goal Setting Webinar

Set up your year and career ahead for repeatable success.

We are hosting a live webinar to give you clarity on your vision, and help you translate that vision into measurable and actionable goals, so you end up EXACTLY where you want to be in December 2023

Setting long-term personal and professional goals is essential to advancing your career and feeling fulfilled by your job. Your career is a constant and evolving process of learning, risk taking, evaluation, and planning— and movement can be inevitable. It’s important to maintain your value throughout the journey of your career with successful goal setting and achievement.

During this webinar, Temitayo Samson-Grace, The Women in HR President will take us through a session of creating realistic vision boards, setting actionable steps that allow us to thrive in our personal lives and advance us in our careers.

In this FREE workshop we will:
Give you simple steps to creating a clear vision that makes you feel empowered about your desired future.
Teach you the system to setting realistic goals that bring joy and excitement instead of fear
Teach you how to create actionable tasks that will help you reach your goals.
Give you our best practices for overcoming fear of failure and judgment in the goal setting process
Teach you how to set goals that are not just INSTAWORTHY but have deep meaning to you in your life.
Give you a worksheet to help you with mapping out your goals and tangible action steps.
You will leave this workshop with:
Clarity about your goals
Empowered to go after what you really desire
Simple steps for elevating your career journey
A downloadable resource that will help you manage your time and help you stay focused on what matters most instead of getting lost in the weeds
A clearer understanding of what you want to say YES to and what you need to say NO to!