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About us

About us

We educate and challenge women in HR to maximize their potentials.

Women have reasons to celebrate their accomplishments in their longstanding efforts for equal treatment in the workplace. In nearly every field that was once a male domain, women are establishing a strong presence. Nonetheless, women still face challenges at work every day. 






For Women

Most of these major issues are nothing new. Female representations are high generally in HR compared to any other discipline. Even though women outnumber men in HR, the challenges are still real.

Most organizations are putting effort into building gender balance, there are some things women will still face which men do not.

Taking on these roadblocks will involve enlisting appropriate and strategic support from female HR leaders who have been able to break through these barriers.

To jumpstart the initiative towards proffering solutions to this challenges, we launched our first event for women in 2019 titled: Women in HR Leadership, which housed over 200 women in HR from diverse industries. Though the event was a massive break out, and had a good number of audience, we knew we couldn’t take the Microwave approach in proffering solutions and rather went back to the drawing board by discussing earnestly with the Team on how to take things up notch. Hence, the Birth of Women in HR Initiative, WIHR. This is designed to assist women in building the right competence , character and persona to navigate current or future challenges in their career path to organizational impact

Our Objective

To educate and challenge women in HR to maximize their potential and rise to the work/life challenges that they will face.

Elevate and ensure the attraction and retention of women in the HR Leadership

To create a platform / opportunity for networking and building value-added business relationships and exchange of Ideas amongst women in HR.


Raise FEMALE models in the HR space.


To inspire, develop, grow and empower women in the HR profession to attain leadership positions through training, coaching , mentoring and creating networking opportunities for advancement
Core Values

Here are the principles that guide our operations


Target Audience

Entry level HR Executives

Mid level HR

Senior HR Managers