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The battle for success starts with self Once the war is won in the mind, the body affects defeat. A major reason why women have issues moving up the executive ladder is the lack of belief. WIHR seeks to constantly remind women that “she can be more because she is built for more.” Her CONCERN […]
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Striking a balance between work and family One of the highest recorded challenges of women in the world is scrambling to run two lives – work and family. It’s a fallacy to think that as a woman, you must choose between a corporate career and your home life. There is a third way, a middle […]
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Social Impact

Fame is easy to acquire; impact is much more difficult. The popular African adage says, “a child is raised by the entire village” This goes a long way to say that everyone should be interested in making an impact in their circle. Social impact is not about coming up with a grand idea or agenda […]
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The distinguishing factor between a leader and a follower is Innovation Organizational success directly correlates to the commitment and dedication of its employees. Ongoing development and growth opportunities is one way TO STAY RELEVANT and be impactful in the organizational environment, whether it be formal classroom training, informal peer-to-peer conversation or creating opportunities that bring […]
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